Mint Indian Mint

Indian mint is a slightly unusual mint variety as it has a trailing habit whereas most mints are upright in habit. This evergreen perennial is highly fragrant and will produce blooms for many months. The flowers will be seen from early to late summer. Indian mint makes a good border plant and can also be […]

Mint Moroccan Mint

Mentha spicata var crispa ‘Moroccan’ Compact, hardy variety of mint. Exceptionally good for making tea. Better suited to pot growing. A pretty little, compact variety of mint which looks good in a pot on your patio and can be used to flavour food, make into tea or simply scent your patio! A very refreshing drink […]

Mint Orange Mint

Mint, Orange – Mentha x piperita f. citrata ‘Orange’ Mint, Orange – Mentha x piperita f. citrata ‘Orange’ is a bushy mint with a rich perfume of oil of orange. This aromatic mint also has attractive purple flower spikes in summer. Use for garnishing fruit cups and sweet dishes. Maybe add some to jazz up a cocktail! As […]

Mint Mountain Mint

Would you like an easy-to-grow perennial that flowers from July to August and is a magnet for many bees, pollinating wasps, skippers, and moths? Then consider mountain mint for your garden. Mountain mints grow well in sunny to partly sunny sites with well-drained soils. Although they grow best in soils that are somewhat moist, they […]

Mint Mini Corsican – Mentha requienii

  Corsican Mini Mint   Mentha requenii Corsican Mint (also known as Rock Mint) Used to make Crème de Menthe, this small leaved, shade-loving mint spreads to form an aromatic carpet, which if trodden on will release its delicious scent. With that in mind, it’s ideal for filling in the gaps between paving slabs, but it […]